Monday, 13 January 2014

Call of duty : Black Ops 2 vs Call of duty : Ghosts

Black Ops 2 looks and plays nicer.
The colors in Black Ops 2 seem to pop out more, it's easy to spot enemies but in ghosts every thing seems like its grayish.
The weapon balance is horrible in ghosts,there is literally one gun that out preforms everything(MS BS)while in Black ops 2 you could use any weapon and do good,weather it be a SMG,AR,LMG or sniper.
Spawns in ghost are very bad in every game mode,I've had a multitude of people spawn INSIDE me...
Maps are bad in ghosts,it seems that they were made for more players....but there isn't more.
Ghosts has made no significant improvements and still has an ugly looking engine. Treyarch wins my respect because they put effort into their games.
Multiplayer mode is far better in cod :bo2 than ghosts.
Campaign mode- In both the games is really nice and offers the user a good experience.
Zombies mode vs Extinction mode - Zombies mode wins the support of gamers as it gives them a realistic feeling.
At last,we conclude that Black ops 2 is better than ghosts.. !


  1. Blog was quite refreshing and informative...... :)

    1. Thanks... ! :D we would keep u updated with latest news about gismos and games